If you are wanting to get started learning Plasma technology as introduced by the Keshe Foundation, this is the place to get started.

We offer one on one, step by step training covering Nano materials, GANS collection, device creation and advanced topics. We also offer consultation services for Manufacturers covering process and design issues. For those that are learning English, we have practice sessions available to hone your skills.

In the aspect of Plasma Technology, we can walk you through the entire process of creating your own health and energy devices as well as integration into agriculture,  animal husbandry and nearly any other area where Plasma energy offers benefit.

Within manufacturing, we can assist you to narrow down choices and solve issues unique to your process. Both Plasma technology manufacturers and conventional technology manufacturers are served.

Book your one on one sessions with our knowledgeable instructor today.

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About Us

With over 20 years in manufacturing as a Tool and Die Maker, as well as positions in management and administration, our consultant has a well rounded perspective in almost all aspects of product production. Injection molding, production tooling, process design, ergonomics and plant layout are but a few of the skills available to you through our consulting services.

We have been working directly with the Keshe Foundation for over a year and during that time have assisted both knowledge seekers and manufacturers to be successful in their Plasma technology pursuits. Hundreds of individuals have relied upon us for clear, accurate information offered in a way to promote growth and deeper comprehension.

We are constantly exploring and improving our processes to pass along the best possible knowledge to you and keep you up to date with the latest innovations.


Our one on one training is available to individuals and groups through online video interfaces. We connect through Skype and Zoom, depending on the needs of our clients. Other options such as TinyChat are also available should that be necessary.

Digital document manuals will be made available to clients as well so they always have the training on hand to refer back to. MS Office, Open Office and PDF formats provided as required.

Basic training for beginners, advanced training for seasoned researchers as well as support for manufacturers is offered. Problem solving and solutions assistance is also offered.

Beyond the Plasma technology training we also offer practical instruction for the hands on aspects of creating these amazing devices.

Scroll down to our calendar and book your first session today. All times are Pacific Time Zone.

2 hour Plasma training sessions from $60 CAD

We are now offering E.S.L. practice sessions and manufacturing design and process consultation. Look to the Services menu for details.


For MIP Training bookings, please email us directly at MIP Plasma Training.
Our training hours are from 9:00AM to 10:00PM PST.

Please add your preferred time and contact method. We prefer Skype, though can do sessions through Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts or other portal upon request.
Be sure to add your Skype contact to allow the connection. All training by Skype done with our Plasma Basics account.

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