About our Instructor

Let me introduce John Anderson to you.

John Anderson
He began his career in manufacturing at 19 years old as a shop floor worker in a dental equipment manufacturer. in four years he worked his way up to Lead Hand, supervising 20+ workers and ensuring product quality, delivery time and employee moral. He was then offered an apprenticeship for Tool and Die Maker, immediately joining the other toolmakers to produce the production tooling for the dental equipment plant as well as tooling such as injection molds, prototypes and specialty parts for outside clients. From toy prototypes to Space Shuttle parts for NASA, John has the ability to generate nearly anything the client may need.
He moved on to expand his experience and entered into service for a Blow Mold company, generating molds for plastic bottles.

During this time, John acquired skills in the following areas:
General machining
Profile grinding
Mechanical engineering
Cutting tool generation
EDM (electrical discharge machining)
Wire EDM
CNC programming
Mold press operations
Worker supervision
Material handling/rigging
Forklift operations
Machine tool repair (lathe, mill, cnc, power tools (hand and fixed)
Plant layout and ergonomics
and many more.

After an injury removed John from actively pursuing Tool and Die Making, he moved into administration as Assets Manager for a marine engine reconditioning plant.

Since leaving his administrative position, John has concentrated on teaching and assisting others to achieve their goals.

In 2015, John was introduced to Keshe technology and has concentrated on that ever since.
Currently, he is not only teaching and sharing Keshe technology, but working with many others by helping make their Internet websites, servers and software behave. These skills were acquired over many years of self taught experimentation beginning with the first generation integrated circuit based computers such as the Timex Sinclare 1000. Building computer systems, setting up and maintaining internet servers and complex websites is one of his most enjoyed pursuits.
He has recently begun working on some custom software that, although we cannot go into detail here, promises to be a revolution in website host/user interaction.