Manufacturing Design

Any manufacturer needs a viable and efficient design for their product. It is common for engineers and product designers to miss some important details that can make or break the product.

Our Consultant will go over your design with you and point out the areas where issues may arise, as well as offering solutions before the issues become expensive mistakes.

With over 20 years in manufacturing as a Tool and Die Maker, our Consultant has seen and worked on a vast array of products from children’s toys to aerospace components. Being able to visualize the design and where bottlenecks and errors crop up is a vital skill and one where our consultant shines.

As anyone knows, it is easy to lose sight of the details when designing a product and having a fresh perspective very often makes all the difference.

We guarantee discretion and security with your product designs. We fully understand the need for protecting your ideas and will not discuss or disclose your designs outside of the consultation without permission.

Book a consultation today and bring a fresh view into your design.

Consultation fee is $75.00 per hour.

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