Here is a place for our clients, should they want to, to tell others about their experience with our training and what they accomplished with their plasma devices.

Although we will make every attempt to post everyone’s submissions, we do have to moderate the posts. There are simply too many that would post to disrupt. Please don’t use this as a discussion board. If you want to discuss what you are doing, I recommend going to the Golden Age of GANS on facebook by clicking HERE

3 Replies to “Testimonials”

  1. I have to say that I’ve watched many of your plasma videos and your teaching skill and understanding was second to none.
    Keep up the great work. Your explanations and understanding of the keshe technology helped me any many others to better grasp the physics at work.
    Wishing you the best of luck in plasma 101, and thankyou.

  2. Do you need a one on one session with a plasma technician to further you on your projects? I highly recommend JC, I have met him in person I know he has hands on knowledge to share with you. Book time with him
    Cheers! Whitney

  3. As we navigate our way through the understandings of the plasma technology different support networks are finding their footings. One I wish to share is from a long time follower, John Anderson, who has taken the time to understand the teachings in ways that can be helpful to us all. I encourage those in need of help to use his insight to help in what understandings you may need support with.

    Jon Bliven, Managing Director

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